bios ..

it all started with my mother buying me fingerpaint some 30 years ago ...
the years have been filled with various "ordinary" jobs.
nowadays i work full time as a tattoo artist at old fenix tattoo,
and do custom artworks such as oilpaintings and illustrations when the time allows.
old fenix tattoo is a studio run by my dear friend tattoo-johan located in tomelilla sweden.
johan bought the studio in oct 2006 and I joined him in january 2007.
i started my career with my mind set on advertising, working as an art director or illustrator
been working as a sign maker, exhibition painter, assistant head of advertising ,assistant art teacher.
I had been playing with the idea of getting into tattoing since the art of tattoing and tattoos always have fascinated me
but the idea of doing "regular" tattoos didn´t look appealing so i discarded the idea,
until one day the chance presented itself in the form of mr. nis staack a tattoo artist and the man behind
whom helped me get started. and then i found out, while i of course prefer custom tattoing, there is a definite charm in doing "regular" tattoos
as well and i find them just as fulfilling doing.
now i happened to be very fortunate since the work we do at old fenix is about 95% pure selfmade custom work.